Seven Instagramable Corporate Offices

In recent years, corporate offices have become a lot less corporate. Gone are boring white walls, furniture purchased from the same store that sells pens, and that dreadful linoleum flooring. New offices are now thoughtfully designed to be more conducive to collaboration and places where employees look forward to going every day.

Another element in the evolution of office design is social media. Companies want to provide spaces for visitors to do everything from snap a selfie to facilitate true content creation. From large corporations to small businesses, here are some of the most stylish offices as well as tips on how to achieve a similar look.

HL Group

HL Group's office in New York City.

HL Group's office in New York City.

While open office space is a relatively recent trend, HL Group has had open offices for nearly 20 years. Co-founder and CEO, Lynn Tesoro believes this is the ideal setup for collaboration. “This current space was designed to foster camaraderie through the sharing of information and knowledge amongst our employees. Simply put, no walls, no barriers. Our teams work seamlessly across function and support one another in ways that create a dynamic and productive environment.”

There is also an outdoor terrace, which is a rarity in New York. “During the warmer months, it is not uncommon to see our teams having brainstorming meetings on the terrace—nothing like the sun and fresh air to stimulate the mind,” she explains.

Debora Parentes