HL Group was named a Top 10 PR firm within Observer's annual PR Power 50 ranking

Every year, it seems, we report on a new milestone for HL. This time, it’s the hiring of former Departures publisher Steven DeLuca as president and CMO, a new position. A few years ago, the move would have raised eyebrows. Today, it positions DeLuca and HL co-founder Lynn Tesoro as thought leaders.

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Marketing in the Age of Influencers

A State of the Industry Report 2019

We are in a new era of marketing – an era in which influence is a valuable, measurable currency. Brands have tapped into its growing importance by meeting consumers on their social channels and publishing the aspirational content they seek. As the influencer marketing industry rapidly flourishes and tastemaker price tags escalate, standards can fall secondary to timely convenience. 


Trends in Retail

From resale to visual search to celebrity placements, HL Group explores the top retail trends in 2019.